Honeywell LGA

Today the Honeywell LGA was treated to a beautiful day with sunshine and less humid conditions for the first time this season.  The event for the day was a proxy day in which special events were held on four holes with two being Closest to the Hole contests and two were Longest Putt Made events.  The winners of these contests were Shirley Sparks for her close shot on #3, Ann Ridenour for her long putt on #9, Judy Shriver for her close shot on #16 and Shirley Sparks showed that she can hit close and also make the long putt as she won the long putt on #18.  There were three other winners in the chip in category with Lana Garber, Loretta Cornwell, and Jayne Pepple all chipping in during the round.  Congratulations to the winners and they will be taking a week off next week with the PGA Junior Qualifier coming to town.  Thank you all for your participation.