Registration is underway for Adult Co-ed Softball to be held at the Field of Dreams. The season will run from mid to late August until mid October. Registration forms may be picked up at the YMCA. Registration deadline in August 6th .  Registration is done by team only—no individual entries accepted—if you would like to play and don’t have a team, please contact the YMCA at 563-9622. Payment, Player fees and Roster are due before the first game and must be paid at the YMCA Membership Desk.

Registration for YMCA Fall Soccer and Youth Tackle and Flag Football are underway. Fall Soccer games begin on September 11th at the Field of Dreams. The age groups will be the same as in the past; Pre School/Kindergarten, Grades 1&2, Grades 3&4 as well as Grades 5-8. The registration deadline is August 27th. Fees are $30 for YMCA members, $55 for non members.

Tackle Football Equipment pick-up and weigh-in/registration deadline is August 7th. The equipment pickup will be at the Field of Dreams. Players who have been on teams before may pick-up equipment starting at 9am, all others at 10:30am. The 4th & 5th Grades will play together as last year  and the 6th Grade will play in a league with other schools participating. Fees are $50 for YMCA members, $65 for non members.

Flag Football registration is also underway. That deadline is August 28th . Flag Football is for grades 1-3. Games begin on Sunday September 12th . The fee for Flag Football is $25 for YMCA members and $40 for non members. Registration forms for all 3 sports are available at the YMCA.  The Wabash County YMCA is proud to be a Wabash County United Fund agency.

YMCA to offer another Pre School Introduction to Sports

 The YMCA will be offering a sports program exclusively for 3 to 5 year olds who at this point have little Image result for sportsexperience with the concepts of sports, but have shown parents that they may have an interest. Games and activities to be covered include: An intro to sports and games, Soccer, Kickball, Flag Football, T-Ball, Basketball and Kids Choice. Classes will be held on Thursday at 6pm from August 12th through September 23rd. Parents are invited to join in and interact with the participants. Registration deadline is August 6th . Registration fee is $20 for members and $ 30 for non members. The Wabash County YMCA is proud to be a Wabash County United Fund agency.


The Wabash County YMCA will begin offering a girls youth volleyball program this fall. The program will teach footwork, passing, serving,  setting, as well as fundamentals and game skills. The program will be set up for elementary school girls in grades 3&4 and 5&6. Registration is now open. The deadline is September 1st . Registration fee for the program is $30 for YMCA members and $55 for non members. As in any program, especially new ones, there will be a need for volunteer coaches. Games and instruction will begin in mid-September. The Wabash County YMCA is proud to be a Wabash County United Fund agency.

There will also be available training and sport products from sportlifeadviser.com, including the newest balance board equipment to help the user with his leg strength, balance and column enforcement.

YMCA to offer another Tobacco Cessation Class

The Wabash County YMCA in cooperation with the Wabash County Tobacco Free Coalition will offer another “Sensational Cessation class session beginning on Thursday August 5th at 6:30pm at the YMCA. The fee for the class is $30 for YMCA members, $75 for non-members. What’s included in the class? Access to the YMCA Fitness area during the session, cessation instruction by certified personnel, a diet analysis plus and initial as well as a final evaluation. The class will run on Thursdays in August and September with a follow up 6 weeks later. Registration forms are available at the YMCA.