Honeywell LGA Results

The Crossroads Bank sponsored the Honeywell Ladies Golf Association 6 – 6 – 6 event today.  The event involved playing 3 different formats for six holes each to come up with at total and a winner.  Even though the weather was very warm, it at least remained dry for the entire event.  The formats consisted of a scramble for the first six holes, a two best ball format for the next six holes and a shamble for the remaining six holes.  The winners scored an outstanding 118 which is 22 strokes under par for the formats.  The winning team was comprised of Mary Ash, Sue Gray, Shirley Sparks and Bev Holmquist.  In second place with another good score of 13 under par 127 was the team of Loretta Cornwell, Barb Blatz, and Lee Ann George.  In addition to the event there were some special events, with a Closest to the Hole on #7 which was won by Lana Garber and a Longest Putt Made on Hole #16 which was won by Loretta Cornwell.  Special thanks to Crossroads Bank for their participation and all of the participants.  Congratulations to the Winners.