Wabash Swimmers Split In First Meet Of Season

The Wabash swim team split with Tipp Valley Thursday night. The boys defeated Valley 87-76 and the girls lost 89-54.

The meet had 22 events not counting diving. The Wabash finishers are listed in each event

200yd Girls Medley Relay : 1st Kelsie Thomas, Madison Pardo, Sydney Enyeart, Julie Gleason

200ys Boys Medley Relay : 2nd Nate Height, Jack Stein, Marcus Blanton, Casey Harder

200ys Girls Free style : 2nd Madison Pardo, 5th Julie Gleason, 6th Shaley Kosel

200yd Boys Free Style : 2nd Jack Stein, 3rd Stephan Eilts, 4th Logan McDonald

200yd Girls IM : 1st Sydney Enyeart

200yd Boys IM : 2nd Casey Harder

50yd Girls Free Style : 1st Kelsie Thomas, 3rd Darrian Shepherd, 6th Biz Hobson

50yd Boys Free Style : 1st Marcus Blanton,4th Ryan Davenport, 5th Nate Height

100yd Girls Butterfly : 2nd Madison Pardo

100yd Boys Butterfly : 2nd Casey Harder

100yd Girls Free Style : 2nd Shaley Kosel,

100yd Boys Free Style : 1st Marcus Blanton, 2nd Carlos Pia, 5th Josh Provance

500yd Girls Free Style : 2nd Sydney Enyeart

500yd Boys Free Style : 1st Jack Stein

200yd Girls Free Style Relay : 1st Sydney Enyeart, Madison Pardo, Julie Gleason, Kelsie Thomas

200yd Boys Free Style Relay : 1st Casey Harder, Nate Height, Ryan Davenport, Marcus Blanton

100yd Girls Backstroke : 2nd Julie Gleason, 3rd Biz Hobson, 4th Darrian Shepherd,

100yd Boys Backstroke : 1st Nate Height, 2nd Stephan Eilts, 3rd Josh Provance

100yd Girls Breathstroke : 2nd Kathi Bauearlein

100yd Boys Breathstroke : 3rd Logan McDonald, 4th Carlos Pla

400yd Boys Free Style Relay :  2nd Stephan Eilts, Logan McDonald, Ryan Davenport,Jack Stein

The diving results were not reported

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