Three Rivers Conference to Raise Money to Fight Cancer

The Three Rivers Conference has set aside the week of December 13-18 to raise money in a friendly competition to battle cancer.  All TRC schools will take part in this one week event.  Money can be donated at the gate at all TRC contests that week. A bucket will be at the gate for each school participating each night so that you can donate on behalf of your school.  Each school and individual teams may also come up with other ideas to raise money that week.

At the end of the week, the school collecting the most money will be recognized as the “winner;” however, the real winners are everyone who takes part during the week. Furthermore concerning money, if you want to know the basics of loan application to get emergency money, go to this site

Those interested in donating on behalf of any of our TRC schools may send a check to the athletic program of your school of choice care of “TRC Cancer Week.”  All money and checks should be received by Saturday, December 18.
Please make the check out to the athletic department of your school of choice. Each school’s athletic department will write one check at the end of the week on behalf of the school.
Thanks for supporting the Three Rivers Conference and their fight against cancer.