Some People Will Try Anything

After covering the Wabash swim meet Thursday I jaunted up to the high school to watch the last of the girls basketball game vs Eastbrook.

Immediately I was greeted by Bob and Brad Hampton saying,”you gotta see this”. I looked out on the floor and it looked as though Oldies(105.9) color analyst Bob Stambazze was trying to officiate the game. Looking through my camera I wasn’t able to see so I put on my double extra wide lens and sure enough it was him, cheeks as rosie red as could be panting like he might be out of shape. I couldn’t imagine that though, look at him !!!!

Coach Scott Bumgardner had to stall twice to give him a rest break. I don’t understand because he has so much wind on the radio poor Andy doesn’t have a chance.

Gotcha Bazzzzzzzzz !!!!!