Northfield Track Awards

The varsity track award program was held on Thursday, June 2, 2011.

Earning varsity letters for the boys’ team were John Barlow, Matt LaCanfora, Brady Layne, Justin Parker, Connor Scanlon, Aaron Smith, Kevan Barlow, Dustin Echard, Matt Galley, Cody Gibson, Chad Glasscock, Austin Leming, Trent Meyer, Houston Miller, Michael Shannon, Caleb Augustus, Jacob Books, Jared Fawley, Seth Frye, Dustin Lee, Jonathan VanDuyne and Marcus Kroh.

Earning jv certificates were Josh Unger, Nick Clouse and Austin Eads.  Hunter Wells earned a certificate of participation.

Tri-Athlete award winners were Austin Eads, Brady Layne, Justin Parker, Dustin Echard, Chad Glasscock, Caleb Augustus, Jared Fawley and Marcus Kroh.

Earning award jackets were Austin Leming, Jared Fawley, Dustin Lee and Marcus Kroh.

Earning a captain star were John Barlow and Justin Parker.  Earning a Senior Plaque for earning 6 varsity letters or more were John Barlow (7 letters) and Justin Parker (10 letters).

Making TRC All-Academic honors were Aaron Smith and Dustin Echard.  Matt LaCanfora, Matt Galley, Trent Meyer and Chad Glasscock all made honorable mention.

Earning individual awards were Matt Galley (Event Award, Most Points), Trent Meyer (Event Award) and John Barlow (Event Award).

The Norse finished 3-6 on the season.  They were coached by Chad Andrews.  He was assisted by Dick Leming and Andrew Totherow.

Earning varsity letters for the girls’ team were Bailey Shear, Becca Carey, Shannah Driscoll, Tisha Knight, Hannah Cole, Paige Cole, Courtney Frank, Gentry Kline, Andie Navarrette, Polina Prater, Jessica Rose, Samantha Summers, Tiffany Davis, Kylie Echard, Heather Rose and Katie Stephan.

Tri-Athlete award winners were Shannah Driscoll, Hannah Cole, Andie Navarrette, Tiffany Davis, Kylie Echard and Katie Stephan.

Earning a captain star was Bailey Shear.  She also earned her senior plaques for earning 6 or more varsity letters during her career with 8 letters.

Individual awards went to Katie Stephan (Event Award), Shady Tharp (Event Award), Gentry Kline (Event Award) and  Gentry Kline (Most Points).

Earning TRC All-Academic honors was Bailey Shear.  Earning an award jacket was Becca Carey.

The Lady Norse finished 2-7 in dual meets and were coached by Gina Dale.  She was assisted by Kristen Unger and Andrew Totherow.

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