TRC Baseball All Conference Announced

The TRC announced their 2011 All Conference baseball team as voted on by the coaches.

1st Team——————————————————————–2nd Team

Scott Baker, Manchester——————-Pitchers——————-Adam House, Northfield

Ryan Keaffaber, Northfield———————————————James Hackworth, Tipp Valley

Jack Holley, Wabash


Andy Roser, Northfield———————Infield———————-Zac Roth, North Miami

Cameron Screeton, Roch————————————————-Logan Schneider, Southwood

Tyler Denniston, Southwood——————————————–Kory Krider, Tipp Valley

Brody Andrews, Tipp Valley——————————————–Joey Burns, Wabash

Shea Beauchamp, Wabash———————————————–Alex Winger, Whitko


Peyton Ross, Northfield——————–Catchers——————Devan Knecht, Manchester

Aaron Barker, North Miami—————Outfield——————–Connor McLaughlin, Manchester

Andrew Shepherd, Wabash———————————————Cahner Thompson, Roch

Nathan Sherrad, Whitko————————————————-Chris Messersmith, Roch

——————————————————————————-Tyler Akers, Tipp Valley


Payton Sorg, Manchester—————-Honorable Mention———Dalton Gentry, Southwood

Tanner Chamberlain, Northfield—————————————–Tanner Andrews, Tipp Valley

Hunter Wells, Northfield————————————————–Landon Cole, Wabash

Eric Aspinwall, North Miami———————————————Thomas McHaney, Wabash

Austin Slee, North Miami————————————————-Riley Coki, Whitko

Tanner Hampton, Roch—————————————————-Ethan Nicodemus, Whitko

Aaron Stewart, Roch——————————————————-Alex Stoddard, Whitko

Final Standings :

Wabash  6-1

Northfield  5-2

Whitko   4-3

Tipp Valley   4-3

Rochester   3-4

Manchester  3-4

North Miami  2-5

Southwood   1-6

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