Southwood Girls Tennis Has Historic Season

The 2011 Southwood girls tennis team finished with an historic season, not only on the court but in the classroom. Senior Brittany Hobson’s father Jeff quotes ” This group seems to embody ”student athlete” in the truest sense of the word.”

The list of accomplishments is long for the 2011 Lady Knights but well worth mentioning. Not only did this team excel to the highest level on the court and in the class room, it was a season that may likely never be repeated.

* Southwood was 12-0 for what is the first perfect regular season record in school history
*All 5 individual conference titles(#1,#2,#3 singles and #1 and #2 doubles) were won by the SHS girls
*All 7 varsity players made academic all conference 1st team
*The SHS girls defeated all of their conference opponents 5-0 in team scores during the regular season

* Four seniors made Academic All State (Olivia Forthofer and Brooke Vielee on 1st team and Brittany Hobson and Rachel Bridegroom as honorable mention) in one poll and Olivia was first team and Brooke and Brittany were honorable mention academic All State in another poll.                                                                                                                                                                                          *Rachel Bridegroom played in the North-South tennis all star series————————————                                                                                                                                                                                                    *All of the girls had a win percentage of 80% or much higher in some cases.                                            * Allison Adams and Alissa Stout played into the second round of regionals as the #1 doubles team *Rachel Bridegroom was All District and 2nd team All State
* The individual season records were: Rachel Bridegroom 20-1, Olivia Forthofer 20-1. Liz Collins 16-4, the #1 doubles team of Allison Adams & Alyssa Stout was 20-2, and the #2 doubles team of Brittany Hobson and Brooke Vielee were 17-3.

* Olivia Forthofer has the most all time singles win (65) and Rachel is 2nd with 64. The previous record was 48.

* 2011 Sectional Champions

* This is a unique group of ladies. Seniors Olivia, Brooke, Brittany and Rachel were ranked #1, #2, #5 and #6 in their graduating class. Heather Rapp who played #1 JV all year was ranked in the top ten of her class as well. The three juniors on the varsity team were all inducted into the National Honor Society this spring.



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