McNeeley Brakes Record, Squires Win 2-0

With the help from his team mates Kegan McNeeley broke the all time scoring record for soccer at Manchester in the Squires 2-0 win over North Miami Tuesday, netting his 29th career goal.

McNeeley was assisted by Martin Andersen. Later Andersen scored on an assist from Ben Godoy-Forrester. Dylan Grossnickle and Rainer Borgmann pitched the shut out for the Squires.

Blayk Giddens, Connor Farr, Lennart Simon, Forrester, Clayton Grizzle, Ashton Bolinger, Brady Pyrah and David Fahs-Brown had strong games off the bench. The Squire defense held North Miami to just one shot for the game, while the offense had 22 shots.

The Squires play Thursday @ Columbia City

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