Norse Edge Knights In Defensive Battle

One would have thought the county battle between Northfield and Southwood would have been an air show. With the top two quarterbacks and two of the top three receivers in the TRC what else would you expect.

Instead it was a game of fumbles, tough defense by both teams and ball control by Northfield that gave them a 6-0 win over the Knights.

Southwood got the first possession of the game and on the first play fumbled the ball away to the Norse. Northfield would take over on the Knight 50. After a 13yd pass from Austin Curless to Tanner Chamberlain took the ball to the 22 the Knight defense tightened and took over on downs. The Knights would then start a drive of their own with Connor Hobbs hitting Coltyn Spicer and Kyle Weaver to the Norse 29. After a fumbled snap and two incompletions Andy Roser sacked Hobbs and the Norse took over. Roser scampered 39yds to the Southwood 40. Two plays later Joe Frieden ran it to the 29. The Norse were on the move. Hunter Wells went up the middle to the 19. A Southwood penalty put the ball on the 11. On 3rd and 2 the Norse fumbled in to the endzone as the quarter expired and the Knights recovered keeping it 0-0 after one.

Southwood started the second quarter with a Nathan Hollars run to the 33. Two plays later Hobbs connected with Ryan Skeens to the Norse 47. Hollars then busted a run to the Northfield 23, but fumbled and Northfield recovered. Back we go the other way. Curless hit Jared Kirtlan to the Southwood 42. Roser then busted up the middle to the Knight 14. Curless takes the next snap to the 6, but there was a holding penalty taking the ball back to the 16. On 3rd and 9 Curless hit Frieden to the 4. Two plays later Curless took in in from the 2 to make it 6-0 after a missed kick with 6:44 to go. The two defense still dominated and the halftime score was 6-0.

The Knights come out of the half and converted an onside kick. Southwood quickly moved the ball down the field with a pass to Levi Winget and a personal foul on the Norse, putting the ball on the 5. After 3 plays put the ball on the 3 the Norse were called for off sides twice in a row, moving the ball to the 1. The Norse defense stuffed the middle and held the Knights out of the endzone to maintain their 6-0 lead. The rest of the 3rd quarter was chewed up on a Northfield drive with the ball on the Knight 24 when the quarter ended.

To start the 4th quarter the Norse drive would stall. With the ball on the 30 the Knights put the ball on the ground again with Northfield recovering. One play later the Norse did the same and the Knights had the ball back. Southwood went 3 and out and was forced to punt. On the legs of Curless and Roser the Norse moved the ball to the Knight 8 and then guess what, fumbled the ball away. The Knights had the ball with 5:15 to play, needing just one score to tie or take the lead. The Norse defense held and forced the Knights to punt once more. On Northfield’s next possession they could not move the ball and Dustin Echard nailed a punt to the Knight 8. After losing 2 yards on three plays and 2:42 to go and three time outs left, Southwood elected to punt. Northfield would move the ball, forcing Southwood to use their time outs and were finally able to run the clock out to end the game.




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  1. If you weren’t at this game, you miss good ole Wabash county footbal at its best. the recods ment nothing, these two teams, played like it was for the state title. It was for MSD bragging rights, one team won, one team lost….both programs came away winners in my book…..


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