County Cross Country Runners Move On

High school cross country sectionals were held around the state Tuesday. Wabash and Southwood competed at Marion, while Northfield and Manchester were at Culver.

At Marion the Southwood girls qualified for Saturday’s Marion regional by placing 4th as a team. The Lady Knights were led by Haley Heath with a 5th place individual finish in 20:02. Emily Lehner was 9th in 20:21, Lisa Schmalzried 11th in 20:36, Miranda Friend 47th in 24:54 and Danielle Perlich 50th in 25:21.

The Wabash girls did not qualify. The Lady Apaches were led by Katelin Vogel in 25th place in 21:42, Destiny Conliff 41st in 23:31, Kaylee Carpenter 51st in 25:27, Sydney Enyeart 53rd in 25:58 and Cat Galley 54th in 27:32.

The top five teams and top fifteen individuals advance.

In the boys race Southwood finished 6th and Wabash 9th. Southwood’s Johnny Mendez qualified as an individual by placing 7th overall in 16:48.

The rest of the Southwood team was Grant Keaffaber 28th in 18:23, Samuel Woodling 37th in 18:50, Michael Bowman 39th in 18:56, Zach Hobson 49th in 19:39, Michael Lengel 53rd in 19:59 and Ben Kline 67th in 24:10

Wabash was led by Dustin Powers, finishing 19th in 17:43, Sam Hall 29th in 18:24, Kyle Kelsheimer 40th in 18:59, Brodie Hough 51th in 19:45, Tyler Evans 59th in 20:46, Jacy Johnson 63rd in 21:53 and Devin Hostetler 66th in 22:47.

At Culver :

In the girls race Northfield finished 3rd and Manchester 5th, both qualifying for the regional.

Northfield’s Jenna Halderman was the overall champion, breaking her own school record by 20 seconds in a time of 19:32. Manchester’s Kelsi Custer finished 3rd.

For Northfield Halderman 1st in 19:32, Karla Singer 14th in 21:45, Brittany Sloan 18th in 22:09, Courtney Frank 27th in 22:48, Caitlin Eltzroth 29th in 22:52, Sydney Eltzroth 34th in 23:35 and Katie Stephan 35th in 23:48.

For Manchester Custer 3rd in 20:27, Darien Rodriguez 23rd in 22:33, Kaytlin Smith 24th in 22:35, Madison Burton 39th in 24:35, Sarrah Dierks 49th in 27:42 and Kristiania Grogg 52nd in 30:36.

The top five teams and top fifteen individuals advance

In the boys race Northfield finished 3rd. Manchester did not field a complete team.

Northfield’s Caleb Augustus was 2nd overall in a time of 16:43. Devin Tracy 5th in 17:39, Trent Meyer 13th in 18:05, Joe Burcroff 16th in 18:23, Michael Shannon 18th in 18:31, Kevan Barlow 24th in 18:54 and Austin Eads 25th in 19:07.

Manchester did not field a complete team, however Mathew Fahs Brown qualified for regional with a 4th place finish in 17:30.

Other Manchester runners were Justin Heeter 36th in 19:58, Andrew Longanecker 57th in 22:21 and Jeremy Herrmann 62nd in 26:18.

Comments:  Coach Dick Leming ;   I thought that our boy’s looked a little sluggish tonight and that our girls did also, but that is okay.  You are not going to be on top of your game every time.   Jenna Halderman did look very good and beat the girl from C.M.A. who was by far favored to win and the Rochester girl who is very tough also.  It was a great night for Jenna who was very focused and determined.  Jenna was asked, “When did you decide to pass the girl from C.M.A.?”  Her comment was,  and I quote for her, “I decided to pass her yesterday.”  What a classic answer.  The main thing is that we qualified both teams for the Regional’s this coming Saturday.  The top 5 teams also qualify for the Semi-State.  We have two very good teams and hopefully we can move onto the Semi-State.”

Coach Jeff Galley ”The Apaches would like to thank everyone who followed and supported them this year.  Thank-you and we look forward to seeing you again next season. ”


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