JV County Day 1

Day one of the JV county tourney is under our belts with four hard fought games being played at Northfield Thursday. With games going in both gyms at the same time we did get all the scores, but not all the stats.

For the girls, Northfield defeated Wabash 31-19 and Southwood topped Manchester 37-19

Jensen Zumbaugh led Northfield with 10 points. Cherish Leming had 8. Wabash was led by Heather Miller with 6 points. Jaclyn Lewis and Kalie Obenour added 4 points each.

We do not have the Southwood stats. Leading Manchester was Madison Isbell and Mariah Mobley with 6 points each.

Wabash and Manchester will play at 9:00am Friday. Northfield and Southwood play at 10:30.

On the boys side Northfield defeated Manchester 42-39 in overtime. Southwood topped Wabash 42-38.

Leading Northfield :

Jon Richardson- 13 points, 8 steals

Tanner Wilcox- 11 points, 4 steals, 3 blocks

Adam Roser- 10 points, 5 rebounds

We don’t have the Manchester stats.

For Southwood :

Nathan Hollars 6 pts. 5 Stls.
Nick Krieg 3 pts. 2 stls.
Robbie Cole 10 pts. 5 Reb. 4 Asts. 2 stls.
Corey Phillipy 11 pts. 8 Reb.
Brett Wyatt 9 pts. 7 Reb. 1 Stl
Danny Goff 1 pt. 7 Reb. 1 Stl
Zach Hobson 3 pts. 2 stls.

For Wabash :

Kodi Clemons had 10 pts, 2 stls and 4 reb. Grant Sailors had 11 pts, 5 reb and 1 steal. Jordan Blair had 6 pts and 3 stls

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