Norse 8th Take Down Crestview

The Northfgield 8th grade boys’ basketball team defeated Crestview Wednesday night with a great team effort on the defensive end. Remington Monce led the Norse in rebounding, setting the tone for the game. Jarred Short led the offense with 18 points and Noah Shear added 9, with Monce and Owen Yeadon each adding 4.

Key Statistics:

Jarred Short                          18 points

Noah Shear                          9 points

Remington Monce               4 points

Owen Yeadon                      4 points

Drake Richter                       2 points

Jake Schuler                                    2 points

Jacob Watkins                      2 points

Coach Troyer ” We played a solid team game tonight and took care of the ball. I am proud of our kids and the lessons they learned through tonight’s game. We took defense seriously for 4 quarters and gave effort for a full game tonight. We must continue to put our priority or defense to have a successful season.”

Next Opponent and Date:                                                                        at  McCulloch on Thursday, Jan. 5  5:00pm start.

The 7th grade boys basketball team fell to 2-6 after a 35-27 loss to Crestview. Austin Trump lead the Norse with 9. Jackson Beery chipped in 6. The Norse are at McCulloch Thursday at 5pm.

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