Manchester 8th Boys Win RRC

Semi- finals
Manchester 51 Tippy Valley 39
Chase Fierstos 22 points, Derek Flack 14 and Rylie Rickert 12. Isaac
Egner added 9 rebounds while Keelan Norwood, Braydon Sewell and Colin
McNeeley put the clamps on Valleys top two shooters. Solid game on both
ends of the floor. We were relentless on the offensive boards and cashed
in at the free throw line going 16-19. Chase was 9-11. Built a 41-24 lead
going into the 4th.

Manchester 39 Wabash 28
Rylie Rickert 14 points , Zach Hill 10 points
Braydon Sewell had another strong defensive game and did a great job of
running the point all day . Isaac,Rylie,Derek , and Keelan did a great job
on the defensive boards limiting Wabash to one shot on most possessions .
Built a 33-12 lead going into the 4th . Zach stepped up his offensive game
and Colin McNeeley handled the ball well filling in for Chase Fierstos
who was injured in the Semi – final game.Noah Cain, Nick Caudill, Janzin
Cripe, and Matthew Pegg have not played the minutes some of the others
have , but they are the ones who ran the offenses and defenses that our
opponents used which was a big part of our success . Final record 14-4.
27-9 for their junior high careers with back to back RRC Championships.

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