An Interesting Regional

The girls regionals are this Saturday and Wabash is in the Tipton regional with Tipton, Seeger and Winchester.

Listed below are some comparison stats of the four teams.

Game One : Tipton (20-4) vs Seeger (18-5)

Game Two : Wabash (18-5) vs Winchester (18-5)

In class 2A, Tipton is ranked # 9, Wabash #12, Seeger #17, Winchester Not Ranked.

In 2A the Sagarin rankings have Tipton #4, Seeger #10, Wabash #14, Winchester #31.

Winning streaks coming in to regional, Winchester 12, Wabash 7, Seeger 6, Tipton 3.

Wabash, Seeger & Tipton won their conference. Winchester was 2nd.

None of the teams are in the top 50(no class) of the state in scoring average.

On defense, Seeger is 15th(no class) giving up an average of 34.39. Wabash is 31st at 37.04. Tipton and Winchester are not in the top 50.

Season record against 2A teams : Wabash 12-1, Tipton 10-1, Winchester 9-2, Seeger 5-1.

Season record against 3A & 4A teams : Tipton 8-3, Wabash 5-4, Seeger 3-4, Winchester 2-3.

Number of 1A teams on season schedule : Wabash 0, Tipton 2, Winchester 7, Seeger 10.

Jill Morrison of Winchester is #1 in 2A scoring at 27.05ppg.

Kelsey Cromer of Wabash is #7 at 20.22

Brooklyn Juday of Tipton is #8 at 17.42

Seeger does not have a top 10 individual scorer, but Kelcey Swisher is at 16.2.

Averages for the next six players of each team :

Tipton 39.2, Seeger 33.8, Wabash 28.2, Winchester 27.7

Regional picks by state : Tipton 48.6%, Wabash 26.0%, Seeger 18.5%, Winchester 6.9%

State picks : Tipton 7.4%, Wabash 1.7%, Seeger 1.5%, Winchester 0.2%

Looking at these statistics it would favor a Tipton, Wabash final, but if you can figure out the winner looking at this you should work in Vegas. Looking at the Sagarin ratings I’m not quite sure how they come up with those rankings compared to who they have played.

No matter how you break these numbers down it says to me it should be one heck of a regional and that’s ”why they play the game”.

If we find anymore interesting stats we will add them to the list, just to confuse us more.





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