Lady Squires Fall Short

The Manchester softball team was hosting Fremont in a double header Saturday, or so they thought. The Squires could only get one game in because of rain and it did not turn out the way they would have liked, falling 6-5.

Down 6-0 the girls battled to pull within 1 and had runners at 2nd and 3rd at the end of the game.

Sydney Jordan 7 IP  11 hits   6 ER  3 K  2 W

Kalene Freshour, Hannah Little, Meika Kennedy 2 hits each

3B Hannah Little, Meika Kennedy

Coach Volk ” Pleased with the way we kept competing throughout .”


On Friday the Squires fell to Wawasee 3-1.

Both starting pitchers  had strong games. Wawasee squeezed out 2 runs in the 5th without hitting the ball out of the infield which turned out to be the difference.

Sydney Jordan   5 IP   3 Hits  1 ER  3 K   1 W

Kalene Freshour 2 Hits

HR. Kristiana Grogg

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