Keaffaber Throws Perfect Game-Norse Take Two At Argos

The Northfield baseball team took a double header at Argos Saturday with two outstanding pitching performances. Ryan Keaffaber pitched a perfect game in game one as the Norse cruised to a 10-0 win and was backed up by a two hitter from Joseph Ross in game two which the Norse won 11-1.

In game one the Norse struck in the first. Adam Roser led off with a single, then stole second. Tanner Chamberlain laid down a bunt single, then went to second on a wild throw. Roser scored on the play, 1-0. Andy Roser flied to right and moved Chamberlain to third. Ryan Keaffaber gounded to second to score Chamberlain, 2-0. Austin Keen would reach on an error and go to second on a wild throw and then was driven in by a Joseph Ross single, 3-0.

In the top of the fourth Jared Kirtlan led off with a triple to right and Adam Roser singled him home, 4-0. With Roser on third and Chamberlain on first, Andy Roser singled home his brother, 5-0. Keaffaber then drove in Chamberlain to make it 6-0. Joseph Ross then gapped a double to drive in Roser, 7-0 and advanced to third on a wild pitch. The catcher tried to pick off Ross with an arrant throw, scoring Ross to make it 8-0.

In the fifth Kirtlan singled to left and was driven home on a Chamberlain double 9-0.

In the sixth Hunter Wells singled to right with two outs and steals second. After an Adam Roser walk, Chamberlain doubled home Wells for the final run 10-0.

Keaffaber allowed a ground out to 3rd with one out in first and a slow roller to left of the mound that he fielded with 1 out in 2nd. The rest of the outs were strike outs. Ryan got the last out of the 2nd through 2nd out in the 6th on 12 straight K’s. The number 9 hitter grounded sharply up the middle to left of  the mound, which Keaffaber stabbed and grabbed and threw on to Ross to preserve the perfect game.

Adam Roser                       2-4, BB, rbi

Tanner Chamberlain       3-3, BB, 2 2B, 2 rbi

Joseph Ross                       3-4, 2 2B, rbi

Collin Dawes                      1-1, BB

Jared Kirtlan                       2-2, BB, 3B

Hunter Wells                      1-1

Ryan Keaffaber                 6IP, 0H, 0R, 0BB, 15K (4-0)  PERFECT GAME  69 pitches, 54 strikes!

Uggen:  “Ryan (Keaffaber) pitched a fantastic game!  He threw a lot of strikes and mixed things up well.  We were hoping to get him 4 innings so he wouldn’t go 8 days between starts and threw a few more than we wanted but we certainly weren’t going to pull him from a perfect game opportunity.  We were really hoping to get a 10 run lead in the 5th but we came up 80 feet short.  He still only threw 69 pitches.  Outstanding performance from a very good pitcher.”


Game two started a little different with Argos holding a 1-0 lead after one inning.

In the top of the second Collin Dawes was hit by a pitch with 1 out. Hunter Wells then reached on an error and both runners move up on bad throw to 1st. Dawes scores on wild pitch (1-1).

In the fourth, Dawes would reach on an error and Shane Vigar reaches base on a blown force out.  Wells singles to load bases.  Adam Roser hits a fielder’s choice (4-6 to get Wells) and Dawes scores (2-1).  Tanner Chamberlain then lays down a safety squeeze, but the catcher gets it and attempts to tag Vigar and the ball is knocked out of glove (fielder’s choice, 3-1). Andy Roser 2 rbi triple to right center scores Roser and Chamberlain (5-1).

In the fifth, Ross reaches second on an error by the right fielder and Hunter Wells singles him home, 6-1.

To start the sixth, Andy Roser reaches 2nd on bad throw and Ryan Keaffaber singled him home, 7-1. Ross helped his cause by doubling home Keaffaber, 8-1. After a Collin Dawes single and a walk, Dawes moved to third and then scored on two wild pitches, 9-1.

In the top of the 7th, Adam Roser lead off single and then stole second. Adam then went to third on an Andy Roser ground out. RJ Waldon was then hit by a pitch and quickly stole second. Dallas Hovey grounds to second but the ball gets through his legs, Roser and Waldon score (11-1).

Andy Roser                         1-4, 3B, 2 rbi

Collin Dawes                      1-3, HBP

Hunter Wells                      2-3, 2 rbi

Joseph Ross                       7IP, 2H, 1R, 1 ER, 3BB, 2 HBP, 11K (2-0)

Uggen:  “I thought Joseph (Ross) pitched a great game after the first inning.  He just had a 4 batter stretch that cost him.  After that he pitched a 1 hit shutout over 6 innings and had decent control.  He’s been a nice surprise for us.  Overall, I was happy with the day. We hit better in game one but Ryan’s act in game one was a little hard to top.  We played errorless ball so all things considered this was a pretty good day for us.


Next game:   vs Peru at Winegarder Field on Monday, April 23 at 5pm

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