Wabash Baseball Sectional Has Some Of The States Best

The Wabash baseball sectional starts Wednesday and if stats mean anything it should be a dandy. According to VarVee, a stat keeping system for Indiana high school coaches the Wabash sectional has some of the states best players.

In state wide hitting, Oak Hill’s Ryan Spaulding is 9th in hits with 43, which is only 5 off the state leader. Spaulding also has 38 rbi’s which ranks him #1. Spaulding is batting .483 for the year.

In 2A the Wabash sectional has 5 of the top 15 hitters.

Spaulding is #3. Landon Cole of Wabash is #8 with 40 hits and a .385 batting average. Northfield’s Ryan Keaffaber is #10 with 39 hits and a .443 batting average. Andy Roser of Northfield is #12 with 34 hits and a .427 batting average. Shea Beauchamp of Wabash is #14 with 32 hits and a .432 batting average.

Keaffaber, Roser and Beauchamp are in the top 5 in rbi’s.



Northfield’s Ryan Keaffaber is #2 in the state in strike outs with 102 and #3 in the state in ERA at 0.57.

In 2A Keaffaber is ranked #1. Wabash pitcher Andrew Shepherd is ranked #5 with 83 strike outs and a 1.62 ERA. Oak Hill’s Jordan Hamilton is ##7 with 72 strike outs and a 2.70 ERA.

Manchester does not use the VarVee system, but we did get Connor McLaughlin’s stats which greatly deepens the strength of the pitching in this tourney.

McLaughlin has 105 strike outs and an ERA of 0.40 making him the highest ranked pitcher.

The only ranked team is Northfield, who is #1 in this week’s poll.


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