Aubrey Lynn Memorial Softball Tournament

Aubrey Lynn Memorial Softball Tournament

July 13-15 

Location: Southwood Varsity Softball Diamond

High School age softball Teams: Alexandria, Lafayette Central Catholic, Peru, Marion, Southwood (Sour Apples), and Wabash.

Hosted by: Dirt Ladies Softball

Director: Joshua Troyer

Purpose: To raise money for the Aubrey’s Hope Blossoms Foundation. 10 percent of all profits will be donated to the foundation plus all donations.

Story: Aubrey Lynn Troyer past away from a heart defect and other complications on May 16, 2012. She was born on March 29, 2012 and never got to leave the hospital. She was Coach Jim Troyer’s granddaughter and the daughter of Christopher and Stephanie Troyer. The foundation will provide bereavement bags to help those deal with the loss of a loved one.

WE NEED: Sponsors who would like to sponsor the tournament or our skills challenges can contact Josh Troyer by email at or call 260-982-8826.

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