Squires Gel Against Churubusco

The Manchester boys basketball team has been showing constant improvement since the season opener and things started to gel Tuesday as the Squires picked up their first win of the season with a convincing 68-45 win over Churubusco.

Starting the season 0-3 the Squires had consistently closed the loss margin as the inexperience was starting to understand the system and their rolls. Tuesday things came together as the Squires put 10 players in the scoring column.

Manchester got off to a good start behind hot shooting from Clayton Petrie, who scored 7 of the Manchester 15 points as the Squires led 15-8 after one.

With Busco clamping down on Petrie in the second, freshman Chase Fierstos would pick up the slack. Manchester would hit four three pointers in the quarter with three of them coming from Fierstos to out score Busco 16-10 and extend their lead at the half to 31-18. Claudell Dickantone also had a three in the quarter.

The Squires would use a balance scoring attack in the third, with five players scoring. Fiestos and Petrie would connect from behind the arch again, scoring 5 points each to lead the attack. Lucas Schilling would add 4 along with Dickantone and Cody Hann chipped in a bucket as the Squires put up 20 points while holding Churubusco to just 8 and led 51-26 with a quarter to go.

Churubusco would out score the Squire 19-17 in the fourth with things already decided. Neil Underwood led the way in the quarter, scoring 6 points. Brayden Sewell added two buckets, with Cameron Brandenburg had one.

Chase Fierstos led the scoring with 18 points. Clayton Petrie added 15, Claudell Dickantone 9, Lucas Schilling 8, Neil Underwood 6, Breydon Sewell 4, Brandon Scott 2, Derek Flack 2, Cameron Brandenburg 2, Cody Hann 2.

The junior varsity won 32-22.

Cody Hann led with 9 points, Micah McDaniel 7, Cameron Brandenburg 4, Austin Brewer 4, Derek Flack 3, Dalton Day 3, Chase Fierstos 2.

Photos by Sam Knight

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