Norse JH Splits With Riverview

The Northfield 7th grade boys basketball team fell to Riverview Thursday night 36-20. Leading scorers were Matt Coe with 9, Kyle Reed 6, and John Schuler 3.

The 8th grade boys’ basketball team beat Riverview 32-23. Ryan Driscoll lead the Norse with 10 points and 3 steals while Cody Holmes contributed 7 points and 13 rebounds. Austin Trump and Jensen Frieden added 8 and 3 respectively with 3 steals each.

Key Statistics:

Ryan Driscoll 10 pts. 3 steals. 3 rebounds

Austin Trump 8 points

Jackson Beery 2 points. 8 rebounds

Cody Holmes  7 points, 13 rebounds

Jensen Frieden 3 points 5 rebounds 3 steals

Brandon Easterday 2 points. 1 rebound

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