JH Wrestling At Manchester

The Southwood and Northfield junior high wrestling teams traveled to Manchester Thursday to battle the Squires, with Eastbrook also competing in the four way match. Listed below is the report from each school.

The Southwood Junior High Wrestling team broke even in their first outing defeating Eastbrook 27-18, losing to Northfield 27-44, and fighting to a draw against Manchester 12-12.

Earning three wins on the night were Alex Shininger and Chris Adams.  Isaac Cooper won two matches. Four wrestlers picked-up our other victories for the evening: Logan Louck, Chad Elliott, Codie Sarll, and Nathanael Fadil.  The team returns to action on Monday at home vs Oak Hill, North Miami, and Northfield.

Team members are: Reid Votaw, Logan Louck, Chad Elliott, Isaac Cooper, Codie Sarll, Alex Shininger, Chris Adams, Joseph Brinson, Brandt Crabtree, Nathanael Fadil, and Michael Garrett.

Against Eastbrook the Norse won by a score of 32 to 30.  Winning for the Norse were: Michael Ford, Macauley Miller, Hunter Kendall, Tyler Sisco, Ryan Driscoll, Chris Orpurt, Jensen Frieden, Cole Persinger, Heath Lambert, and Tim Charles.

Against Manchester Layne Evans, Michael Ford, and Zach Shadden won in a loss to the Squires

In the last match of the night the Norse defeated Southwood by a score of 44 to 27.  Winning for the Norse were:  Macauley Miller, Tim Charles, Cole Persinger, Hunter Kendall, Chris Orpurt, Ryan Driscoll, Dayon Waldron, and Chris Orpurt won a second match.

For Manchester winners against Southwood were Trick & Moore. Winning against Northfield was Poynter, Trick, Meggison, Moore and Shepherd. Against Eastbrook Poynter, D.Moore, Teeter, Meggison, Q.Moore, Shepherd and Trick all won.

The Squires Tied Southwood, winning on a tie breaker, defeated Northfield 42-15 and topped Eastbrook 55-14.

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