County Players To Watch At The Manchester Sectional

With the Manchester boys basketball sectional starting Tuesday there are several county players that lead or are at the top of the TRC in different categories.

Listed below are some players to ”watch out for” as sectional play heats up.

Wabash’s Breyton Nealis is the leading scorer in the TRC, averaging 18.7ppg. Shane Smith of Southwood and Clayton Petrie of Manchester are 4 and 5, scoring 14.4ppg. Claudell Dickantone of Manchester, Jackson Blair of Southwood, Ryan Keaffaber of Northfield and Collin Dawes of Northfield rank 7th through 10th, all averaging over 13ppg.

Tyler Brewer of Wabash leads the county in field goal percentage at a clip of 54.9%. Shane Smith and Corey Phillipy of Southwood, Tanner Wilcox of Northfield and Neil Underwood of Manchester are all in the top 10 of the TRC, shooting over 50%.

Claudell Dickantone leads the TRC in three point field goal percentage, hitting 48.5%. Collin Dawes of Northfield and Breyton Nealis of Wabash are 2 and 3, shooting over 40%. Robbie Cole of Southwood is 5th at 39%, Adam Roser of Northfield 6th at 35.6%, Clayton Petrie of Manchester 9th at 32.9%.

Collin Dawes of Northfield leads the county and is 2nd in the TRC in free throw percentage at 78%. Claudell Dickantone of Manchester is 3rd at 77.3%, Chase Fierstos of Manchester 5th at 75.7%, Ryan Keaffaber of Northfield 6th at 75.5%, Breyton Nealis of Wabash 7th at 74.0%.

Shane Smith of Southwood leads the TRC in rebounding at 8.5rpg. Breyton Nealis of Wabash is 3rd at 6.7, Corey Phillipy of Southwood 7th at 6.3, Grant Sailors of Wabash 9th at 6.0.

Breyton Nealis of Wabash is 2nd in the TRC in assist with 4.8 per game. Levi Sutton of Southwood is 3rd at 3.6, Collin Dawes of Northfield is 4th at 3.4, Andrew Adamson of Wabash 6th at 3.0, Chase Fierstos of Manchester 7th at 2.7, Ryan Keaffaber of Northfield 8th at 2.5.

Andrew Adamson leads the TRC in steals with 3.8 per game. Ryan Keaffaber of Northfield is 3rd at 2.9, Collin Dawes of Northfield 4th at 2.8, Shane Smith of Southwood 5th at 2.6, Levi Sutton of Southwood 7th at 2.1, Breyton Nealis of Wabash 8th at 2.1, Tyler Brewer of Wabash 9th at 1.9.

As you can see Wabash County was well represented in the TRC and no doubt will be a force in the sectional. Make sure you purchase your ticket to watch some true Hoosier hysteria live.

Of course as in most games, someone not listed above will step up and be a factor. Who will be the ”factor” this year ?



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