Cancellations & Practices

Southwood :

No softball practice today

Wabash :

HS practices and open facilities for this evening will be on as scheduled. HS Track at 3:00. Softball 5:30-7. Baseball 7-8:30.
The MS softball parent meeting for tonight is postponed until Saturday. The HS softball parent meeting is still Thursday at 7:30 in HS Cafe.

The 6th grade girls game is cancelled.

Northfield :

Regional Basketball Team & Parents:

There is a VOLUNTARY practice tonight from 5-6:30pm. It will be followed by a VOLUNTARY parent dinner at 6:30pm. This all assumes that the weather conditions don’t take a turn for the worst (and they are not supposed to). Temps should get to 34 by early afternoon which should help conditions.

Do NOT go if you have ANY concerns about driving conditions.

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