And The Picks Are

With the Northfield boys basketball team headed for the Tipton regional Saturday, the Sagarin ratings and the state picks are out.

Game One : Tipton (23-2) vs Delphi (19-5)

Game Two : Northfield (17-7) vs Wapahani (21-3)

The first pick below is the state’s pick with who they think will win the regional and the best odds of winning the state. These picks are based on records and strength of schedule.

Delphi 14.0% 1.7%
Tipton 34.9% 9.2%
Northfield 1.8% .0%
Wapahani 49.3% 12.6%

The next pick is the Sagarin ratings which agree with the state’s top two picks, but not in the same order.


 6  74  Tipton  78.44  65.51  157  81.05  54  76.08  94


8  90  Wapahani  76.78  58.55  242  75.74  93  77.61  80


14  123  Delphi  71.71  58.00  257  71.92  121  71.28  132


 34  207  Northfield   62.24  56.17  293  63.65  184  60.59  232

When you look at these brackets they are telling you Northfield doesn’t stand a chance of getting past the first game Saturday, but then again the state and the Sagarin ratings both picked Park Tudor as the overwhelming favorite to win the 2A state and they didn’t make it past the second round of the sectional.

So put on your Northfield blue and head for Tipton Saturday to root on the Norse. As these stats show, they mean nothing and that’s why ”they play the game.”

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