Big Ten Wrestling Championships Has Local Ties

The Big Ten wrestling championships were held at the University of Illinois this past weekend, with four Wabash county residents playing a major role in the event running without a hitch.

Scottie Pennington, Doug Pennington, Terry Faust and Cary Hammel all had different jobs that were very important in keeping the tournament running smooth.

We tracked down Scottie Pennington to explain exactly what each persons responsibilities were.

Pennington ” There were 4 of us in attendance at the 2013 Big 10 Wrestling Tournament at the University of Illinois.  Terry Faust was assigned to video one mat for the entire tournament, which was quite a responsibility, as any and all coaches challenges utilized his film for review.  Cary Hammel was what they call a runner.  His role was to run bout cards back and forth from the table at mat 2 to the main table.  Doug Pennington was sitting at the table on Mat 1 most of the weekend doing the score sheets and Scottie Pennington was assigned to the staging area.  My job was to ensure each and every wrestler knew what mat to be on and make sure they are there on time.  We are very happy for the opportunity be a part of such an event.  We saw some great wrestling and had a blast all weekend.

Pictured below are Doug and Scottie Pennington with Tom Brands (head coach) and twin brother Terry Brands (Asst. Head Coach) of Iowa.


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