Northfield Awards

Northfield Boys Basketball Awards


The Northfield Boys Basketball award program was held on Monday, March 18 in the NHS auditorium.


7th graders receiving certificates were Kailen Carpenter, Matt Coe, Joe Halderman, Noah Hicks, Kade Kennedy, Macauley Miller, Kyle Reed, John Schuler, Ty Stefanatos and Jared Vigar.  The team was 10-6 and were coached by Jared Swan with assistance from Brian Hoffman.


8th graders receiving certificates were Jackson Beery, Kameron Cole, Ryan Driscoll, Brandon Easterday, Jensen Frieden, Isaac Gottschalk, Cody Holmes, Keegan Knepp, Caleb Kroh and Austin Trump.  They finished the season 9-8.  They were coached by Josh Troyer with assistance from Jim Troyer.


Freshmen earning certificates were Dylan Brown, Remington Monce, Taylor Poole, Drake Richter, Braydon Schindler, Jake Schuler and Jacob Watkins. They finished the season 5-7.   They were coached by Brodie Stith.


Receiving their JV certificates were Austin Burns, Hunter Louden, Heath Miller, Nick Ridenour, Shane Vigar and Jarred Short.  The team went 12-7 and were coached by Coley Schenkel.


Earning varsity chevrons were Collin Dawes, Ryan Keaffaber, Caleb Coe, Christian Hawkins, Marcus Kroh, Jon Richardson, Carter Frieden, Adam Roser, Tanner Wilcox and Noah Shear.  Earning award jackets and their letter were Caleb Coe, Christian Hawkins and Noah Shear.  Noah Shear also earned his numerals.


Collin Dawes and Ryan Keaffaber earned 1st Team TRC All-Conference honors.


Earning TRC All-Academic honors was Ryan Keaffaber.  Earning Honorable Mention All-Academic honors were Collin Dawes, Marcus Kroh and Jon Richardson.


Individual award winners were Ryan Keaffaber (Leading Scorer Award, Rebound Award),  Collin Dawes (Assist Award, Free Throw Award, Steals Award) and Tanner Wilcox (Field Goal % Award).  Captains stars were earned by Collin Dawes and Ryan Keaffaber.


The team finished 17-8 and won the Manchester Sectional. The Norse were coached by Moe Smedley.  He was assisted by Coley Schenkel and Josh Merrick.


Northfield Cheerleaders


The Cheerleading award program was also held on Monday, March 18 in the NHS auditorium.


Junior High cheerleaders earning certificates were Brianna Clemons, Sierra Courtney, Tori Givens, Kaitlyn Hembree, Taylor Johnson, Ariel Jones, Liz Rehak, Brittany Burnworth, Kennedy Chamberlain, Siarah France, Thaylor Harner, Kayleigh Huss, Katie Reiter and Hallie Zolman. The junior high squad was coached by Kristie Bone with assistance from Deb Corn.


Cheerleaders earning their varsity chevrons were Merandah Evans, Courtney Palmer, Hannah Poole, Paige Schindler, Tiffany Davis, Ali Garrett, Katie Gribben & Lexus Biehl.  They were coached by Alison Rosemeyer & Deb Schenkel.

Northfield Varsity Wrestling Awards


The Northfield Varsity Wrestling Program held its awards program on Wednesday, March 20 in the NHS cafeteria following a pizza carry-in.


Earning junior high certificates were Garon Booth, Matt Campbell, Tim Charles, Tyler Copeland, Ryan Driscoll, Layne Evans, Josh Ford, Kevin Ford, Jensen Frieden, Keegan Knepp, Chris Orpurt, Cole Persinger, TJ Powers, Zac Shadden, Tyler Sisco, Adam Smalley, Dayon Waldron, Hunter Cox, Michael Ford, Hunter Kendall, Heath Lambert, Macauley Miller, Jeremy Okuly, Victor Treska.  Managers were Audrie Randel, Mariah Kirtlan and Cheyanne Ruff.  The team finished 8-3.  They were coached by Steve Kirtlan with assistance from Todd Eltzroth and Gary Norman.


Receiving JV certificates were Yanik Florin, Josh Smalley, Matt Carey, Drake Heitz and John Ritchie.


Earning varsity chevrons were Jacob Books, Cody Brown, Kyle Houlihan, Austin Kirtlan, Jared Kirtlan, Dustin Lee, Spencer Miller, Thomas Rockenbaugh, Joseph Ross, Cody Smalley, Patrick Armfield, Joseph Mitchell, Marcus Wells, Logan Carey, Drew Clark and Jake Stephan.  Earning manager chevrons were Alexi Randel, Kaetlyn Kirtlan and Cortney Pennington.  Katy Rickner earned a certificate of appreciation.


Earning award jackets and their varsity “N” were Joseph Mitchell, Marcus Wells, Logan Carey, Drew Clark and Jake Stephan.  Logan Carey, John Richie and Drew Clark earned their numerals.


Earning All-Conference honors for winning  his weight classes at the TRC Meet was Joseph Ross.


Earning Academic All-TRC honors were Kyle Houlihan and Jared Kirtlan.  Cody Smalley earned honorable mention honors.


Earning Academic All-State was Kyle Houlihan (1st Team). Earning honorable mention honors were Austin Kirtlan, Jared Kirtlan and Cody Smalley.


Individual award winners were Joseph Ross (Most Valuable Player, Most Pins and Most Takedowns), Yanik Florin (Most Improved Wrestler) and Spencer Miller (Spirit Award).  Captain stars were earned by Austin Kirtlan and Jared Kirtlan.


Joseph Ross won Wabash County Invitational, TRC, sectional, regional and semi state titles.  He became only the 2nd Norseman ever to win a semi state title to advance to the state finals.  He finished the season 39-2.


The team finished 7-11 in dual meets.  They were coached by Gary Norman with assistance from Steve Kirtlan, Todd Eltzroth and Eric Kirtlan.

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