Knight Track Tops Rochester

The Southwood boys track team edged Rochester, 64 – 59 Thursday.  Individually earning ribbons were:

110M Hurdles    Devin Bechtold               2nd Place                        Wyatt Wright     3rd Place

1600M Run                    Michael Bowman            2nd Place

100 M Dash                   Logan Paris                   1st Place                        Daniel Goff        2nd Place

                                    Ryan Skeens                  3rd Place

Discus                           Brett Wyatt                    1st Place                        Logan Paris       2nd Place

Long Jump                     Jon Berlier                     2nd Place

400 M Relay                  Ryan Skeens, Ross Phillipy, Kyle Porter, Logan Paris                     1st Place

400 M Dash                   Johnathon Friedersdorf   2nd Place

300 M Hurdles               Kyle Porter                    1st Place                        Wyatt Wright     2nd Place           

High Jump                     Devin Bechtold               2nd Place

800 M Run                     Michael Bowman            1st Place

200 M Dash                   Ross Phillipy                  1st Place                        Ryan Skeens      3rd Place

3200 M Run                   Michael Lengel               3rd Place

Shot Put                        Brett Wyatt                    1st Place                        Cody Tyson       3rd Place


The Lady Knights topped Rochester, 70 – 47.  Ribbon winners for the girls included:

3200M Relay                  Emily Lehner, Haley Heath, Amy Bowman, Danielle Perlich            1st Place

100M Hurdles    Jaycie Wright                 3rd Place

100M Dash                   Sami White                    1st Place                        Delayne Gentry  3rd Place

High Jump                     Kaitlyn Murphy               2nd Place

1600 M Run                   Amy Bowman                2nd Place                        Haley Heath      3rd Place

Shot Put                        Sarah White                   2nd Place                        Mariah Paris      3rd Place

400 M Relay                  Sami White, Jaycie Wright, Sarah White, Alexis Brickner                1st Place

400 M Dash                   Danielle Perlich              1st Place                        Sarah White       2nd Place

300 M Hurdles               Jaycie Wright                 1st Place

800 M Run                     Emily Lehner                 1st Place                        Amy Bowman    2nd Place

200 M Dash                   Alexis Brickner               1st Place                        Kaitlyn Murphy   3rd Place

Long Jump                     Alexis Brickner               1st Place                        Kaitlyn Murphy   2nd Place

Discus                           Sarah White                   1st Place                        Bailey Hobbs     2nd Place

3200 M Run                   Haley Heath                  3rd Place

1600 M Relay                 Sami White, Jaycie Wright, Emily Lehner, Alexis Brickner               1st Place

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