Lady Squires Juggle Lineup And Fall To Valley

The Manchester varsity tennis team had to do some lineup juggling Monday in their match against Tipp Valley. With several players having dance rehearsal, some key players were missing or had to default early and fell to Valley 2-3.

At #1 singles Katie Peden won 6-1, 6-2

At #2 singles Claire Bartnette lost by default 6-3, default.

At #3 singles Allison Smith won 6-0, 6-2

At #1 doubles Hayleigh Collett & Reilly Ruppert lost 4-6, default

At #2 doubles Michaela Pattison & Morgan McKee lost 6-7, 6-7

The lone jv winner was Sara Burdette & Audri Fuentes at #3 doubles 8-6.

Coach Eichenour ” We share a lot of girls with other community activities and tonight it offered an opportunity for some jv players to play their first varsity match. We tried to start early in hopes our dancers could get to rehearsal on time. Katie Peden succeeded in a fast victory, but we had to forfeit the other matches part way through.”

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