Rochester Girls/Whitko Boys Win TRC Crowns

The Rochester girls and Whitko boys track teams won the 2013 TRC track titles Thursday at Southwood.

In the girls race Rochester scored 121.5 points. Manchester was 4th with 95, Wabash 5th with 66, Northfield 6th with 59 and Southwood 7th with 48.

Whitko won the boys meet with 117 points. Manchester was 3rd with 94, Northfield 4th with 90, Southwood 5th with 82 and Wabash 7th with 46.

Wabash county girls finishing in the top three were :

800 : (2nd)Emily Lehner, Southwood : (3rd) Katelin Vogel, Wabash

1600 : (3rd) Amy Bowman, Southwood

3200 : (1st) Jenna Halderman, Northfield ***New Meet Record*** 11:37.56

100H : (1st) Caitlin Eltzroth, Northfield  17.48 : (2nd) Cat Galley, Wabash : (3rd) Elana Schneider, Manchester

300H : (1st) Elaina Schneider, Manchester  49.75

4x100R : (3rd) Southwood, Sami White, Jacie Wright, Sarah White, Lexi Brickner

4x400R : (2nd) Southwood, Sami White, Emily Lehner, Jacie Wright, Lexi Brickner

4x800R : (1st) Northfield ***New Meet Record***, Brittany Sloan, Paige Cole, Karla Singer, Jenna Halderman  10:08.7

High Jump : (1st) Lindsey Dierks, Manchester 4′ 10” : (2nd) Kyleigh Hampton, Wabash

Shot Put : (2nd) Niki Frieden, Manchester : (3rd) Katie McCauley, Wabash

Discus : (1st) Niki Frieden, Manchester  104′ 9”


Boys Meet :

100 : (3rd) Colin McNeeley, Manchester

200 : (3rd) Tyler Morgan, Northfield

800 : (1st) Michael Bowman, Southwood 2:00.31

1600 : (1st) Caleb Augustus, Northfield 4:29.81 :

3200 : (1st) Caleb Augustus, Northfield  9:57.67 : (3rd) Mathew Fahs-Brown, Manchester

110H : (2nd) Brodi Carter, Manchester : (3rd) Gunner Ream, Manchester

300H : (3rd) Brodi Carter, Manchester

4x100R : (2nd) Manchester, Jacob Casper, Colin McNeeley, Daniel Griese, Eric Knight : (3rd) Southwood, Ryan Skeens, Ross Phillipy, Kyle Porter, Logan Paris

4x400R : (3rd) Northfield, Marcus Kroh, Jonathon VanDuyne, Seth Frye, Tyler Morgan

4x800R : (2nd) Northfield, Austin Andrews, Jonathon VanDuyne, Devin Tracy, Caleb Augustus

High Jump : (3rd) Brodi Carter, Manchester

Pole Vault : (3rd) Grant Dirig, Wabash

Shot Put : (1st) Brett Wyatt, Southwood  46′ 4” : (3rd) Cole Sellers, Manchester

Discus : (1st) Brett Wyatt, Southwood 152′ 3” : (2nd) Cole Sellers, Manchester : (3rd) Logan Paris, Southwood

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