Northfield Track Awards

The varsity track award program was held on Thursday, May 22, 2013.

Earning varsity chevrons for the boys’ team were Caleb Augustus, Jared Fawley, Seth Frye, Tyler Morgan, Jonathan VanDuyne, Marcus Kroh, Austin Andrews, Josh Bickel, Joe Burcroff, Matt Carey, Jonathon Fawley, Mason Frehse, Austin Frye, Heath Miller, Devin Tracy and Tanner Wilcox.  Kailan Watson Dunn earned a letter and manager’s chevron.

Earning JV certificates were Shade Eviston, Yanick Florin, Hunter Louden, Nick Ridenour, Noah Augustus, Noah Shear and Brody Smith.

Tri-Athlete award winners were Matt Carey, Yanick Florin, Hunter Louden, Nick Ridenour and Tanner Wilcox.

Earning an award jacket was Matt Carey.

Earning a captain star was Jonathan VanDuyne.  Earning a Senior Plaque for earning 6 varsity letters or more were Caleb Augustus (11 letters), Seth Frye (6 letters) and Tyler Morgan (6 letters).

Making TRC All-Academic honors was Tyler Morgan.  Marcus Kroh made honorable mention.

Earning individual awards were Caleb Augustus (Event Award, Most Points), Tyler Morgan (Mental Attitude), Marcus Kroh (Mental Attitude), Austin Frye (Event Award) and Devin Tracy (Event Award).

Individual Champions were Caleb Augustus (County Champion in 3200 M Run; Sectional Champion 3200 M Run).  Other champions included the County Champion 4 x 800 M Relay Team of Caleb Augustus, Jonathan VanDuyne, Austin Andrews and Devin Tracy and the County Champion 4 x 400 M Relay Team of Seth Frye, Tyler Morgan, Jonathan VanDuyne and Marcus Kroh.

The Norse finished 2-2 on the season.  They were coached by Chad Andrews.  He was assisted by Dick Leming.

Earning varsity chevrons for the girls’ team were Paige Cole, Courtney Frank, Jessica Rose, Samantha Summers, Baylee Shoemaker, Holly Dyson, Caitlin Eltzroth, Jenna Halderman, Cherish Leming, Cassidy Miller, Morgan Sickafus, Karla Singer, Bailey Sloan, Kalanu Watson Dunn, Sarah Driscoll, Liz Howenstine and Taylor Kock.  Earning their varsity letter were Cassidy Miller, Sarah Driscoll, Liz Howenstine and Taylor Kock.  Taylor Kock also earned her numerals and she, Sarah Driscoll and Liz Howenstine won their award jackets.

Tri-Athlete award winners were Paige Cole and Cherish Leming.

Earning a captain star was Paige Cole.  Those receiving a senior plaque for earning 6 or more varsity letters during her career were Paige Cole (8 letters), Courtney Frank (6 letters) and Samantha Summers (6 letters)..   

Individual awards went to Jenna Halderman (Most Points, Event Award), Karla Singer (Event Award) and Samantha Summers (Mental Attitude Award).

Earning TRC All-Academic honors was Paige Cole.  Samantha Summers was honorable mention.

New school records were set by Jenna Halderman in the 1600 M Run (5:26) and 3200 M Run (11:37.56) and the 3200 M Relay Team of Paige Cole, Jenna Halderman, Karla Singer and Brittany Sloan (10:08.70).

Individual champions were Jenna Halderman (County Champion in 800 M Run, 1600 M Run and 3200 M Run; TRC Champion in the 3200 M Run), Kalanu Watson Dunn (County Champion in Pole Vault) and Caitlin Eltzroth (TRC Champion in 100 M Hurdles).

The Lady Norse finished 2-3 in dual meets and were coached by Gina Dale.  She was assisted by Kristen Unger.

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