Southwood JH Cross Country Classic

The Southwood junior high cross country teams hosted their annual classic Tuesday, with Manchester and Wabash competing in the eight team run.

The Southwood boys finished 5th.  Luke Winer paced the junior high harriers with a 7th place overall finish; Chase Guenin was 23rd; Devin Dunn was 24th; Dallas Holmes notched a 28th place finish and Lucas Topliff tallied a 45th place finish.


The Southwood girls also finished 5th. Morgan Farr was the overall champion of the meet!  Makayla Bechtold placed 22nd; Jeana Friedersdorf was 28th; Lexi Finney was 36th and Annie Ridgeway  was 37th.

The Wabash placed second, just two points behind Rochester. The Apaches were led by Derreck Vogel who ran a lifetime PR of 11:36.  Luke Mattern and Koby Prater also ran inspired races.  The rest of the top seven include John Stewart, Jonathan King, Jacob Bruss, and Drake Sluss.
The Wabash girls team finished 4th out of 8th. The girls were led by Whitney Working who ran a PR of 13:46 followed by Claire Hipskind, Maya Benysh, Kendyl Mullett, and Angel Wehrly.
We have no Manchester results.


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