Manchester Cross Country Invite

The Manchester cross country hosted the Manchester Invite Saturday with Northfield and Southwood competing in the varsity races, while Wabash joined the junior high races.

In the girls varsity race, New Prairie won the team title with Northfield 7th, Southwood 8th and Manchester 16th. Northfield’s Jenna Halderman finished 2nd overall in a time of 19:31. Also running for Northfield was Karla Singer 13th in 21:04, Brittany Sloan 23rd in 21:52, Olivia Thompson 63rd in 24:35, Catherine Tracy 80th in 26:00, Kalanu Watson Dunn 89th in 26:58, Katie Stephan 94th in 28:02.

Southwood was led by Ellie White, placing 11th in 20:58, Emily Lehner 16th in 21:21, Haley Heath 17th in 21:28, Taylor Heath 53rd in 23:58, Kassidy Atwood 91st in 27:22, Emma Peebles 101st in 31:37.

Clara Burdette led Manchester, placing 66th in 24:39, Natasha Niccum 82nd in 26:16, Liza Airgood 88th in 26:57, Alexis Wagoner 92nd in 27:47, Alexis Vernon 97th in 28:29, Molly Woods 100th in 30:37.

Ft Wayne Carroll won the boys race, with Northfield finishing 10th, Southwood 16th, Manchester 17th.

Northfield was led by Joe Burcroff, placing 5th in 17:32, Devin Tracy 6th in 17:32, Austin Frye 63rd in 18:35, Austin Andrews 75th in 19:28, Caleb Coe 84th in 20:13, Noah Augustas 86th in 20:16, Brad Bever 110th in 22:01.

Leading Southwood was Michael Lengel 68th in 19:14, Brenden Schleining 82nd in 20:08, Josiah Friedersdorf 89th in 20:25, Kyle Porter 96th in 20:39, Jonathan Collins 99th in 20:45, Aaron Ross 101st in 20:49, Justin Lawson 119th in 23:36.

For Manchester Matthew Fahs-Brown was 22nd in 17:58, Skyler Burke 97th in 20:39, Tristan Fields 107th in 21:27, Andrew Longanecker 114th in 22:33, Jimmy Curtis 122nd in 25:27, Jeremy Herrmann 124th in 26:43.

In the junior varsity boys race Brandon Frank of Northfield was 65th in 21:12, Matt Carey of Northfield 73rd in 21:31, Mason Zolman of Northfield 83rd in 22:00, Zack Clouse of Northfield 90th in 22:19, Keegan Knepp of Northfield 92nd in 22:22, Stevie Metz of Southwood 122nd in 26:14

The junior varsity girls results are still unavailable.

In the junior high, junior varsity girls race, Bailey Burcroff of Northfield was 10th in 14:37, Maddie Clark of Northfield 13th in 14:53, Abbey Ross of Northfield 14th in 14:54, Mariah Kirtlan of Northfield 15th in 14:56, Liz Moore of Northfield 20th in 15:19, Madison Evans of Manchester 24th in 15:34, Katie Barker of Manchester 25th in 15:40, Sarah Johnson of Northfield 27th in 15:51, Karlie Poland of Northfield in 16:18, Madisyn Schmidt of Manchester 34th in 16:20, Alyssa Haupert of Northfield 48th in 17:03, Fayth Leming of Northfield 57th in 18:04, Samantha Kissell of Manchester 60th in 18:10, Emma Wynn of Northfield 62nd in 18:29, Kamryn Durden of Manchester 80th in 21:18.

In the junior high, junior varsity boys race Michael Cordes of Wabash was 0th in 12:39, James Wolfe of Wabash 10th in 12:39, Tyler Shepherd of Wabash 15th in 12:57, Caleb Callahan of Wabash 22nd in 13:25, Robert King of Wabash 27th in 13:33, Trace Goodwin of Wabash 47th in 14:22, John Abshire of Wabash 58th in 15:01, Dustin Hamilton of Southwood 67th in 15:36, Taylor Coffman of Northfield 70th in 15:43, Ian Noble of Northfield 71st in 15:43, Ethan Agness of Northfield 78th in 16:27, Even Eckelbarger of Northfield 81st in 16:48, Trevor Lehman of Northfield 82nd in 16:50, Mason Denney of Southwood 83rd in 16:53, Ben Hewitt of Wabash 85th in 17:02, Quentin Dale of Northfield 87th in 17:09, Ryan Davis of Wabash 92nd in 17:51, Blake Wynn of Northfield 98th in 19:22

The junior high varsity races are still unavailable


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