Manchester/Whitko Fall Classic

2013 Golf Challenge Cup

The first annual Manchester vs Whitko Golf Challenge Cup will be held Sunday, September 29th  at 1:00 pm at the Sycamore Golf Club.  This golf outing is open to players of all abilities, with hopes of it becoming an annual event.  This is a tournament very similar to the Ryder Cup.  To sign up or if you have any questions on how the tournament is organized, please call the golf course at 982 – 2279.  You can also sign up by sending an e-mail to



            The cost for this year’s Cup is $25.  The cost for Sycamore Golf Club Members will be $15 for a cart.  Since this is not a fund-raiser and there are no prizes, this is the only charge.


            The golf outing is designed for fun, fellowship, food, competition, and pride.  There will be a free meal after the match open to all players.  It will begin at approximately 5:00 at the golf course.  Please bring a side dish – everything else will be provided.


We hope to get as many alumni, teachers, students, former teachers, and school supporters as possible.  However, the event is open to the first 80 golfers.

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