Knight C Tops Rochester

knights_southwoodThe Southwood C football team got off to a hot start and never looked back, defeating Rochester 34-14 Thursday.

The Knights jumped out to a 14-6 in the first quarter with Jeffery Finicle hitting Alex Harmon on a 20yd scoring strike. Matt Cox would run one in from 25yds.

In the second quarter Finicle would connect with Cox for a 40yd TD pass and the Knights led 22-6 at the half.

Cox would run one in from 25yds in the 3rd and 12yds in the 4th to complete the Southwood scoring.

Perlich, Schlemmer and Fadil led the Knight defense in tackles.

Helfin and Perlich had interceptions.

Matt Cox had 13 carries for 126yds. Jeffery Finicle was 6 of 10 for 125yds.

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