Knights Wrap Up County Title

IMGP2977The Southwood Knights were 2-0 in county play and were in control of their own destiny to win the county title as they traveled to Wabash Friday to take on the Apaches. A win would seal the out right title and the Knights wasted no time letting everyone know they meant business. The Knights would jump out to a 17-0 first quarter lead on their way to a 51-7 win.

Wabash would get the ball first with the Southwood defense forcing a four and out. The Knights would go to the air to start, mounting a 10 play, 80 yard drive that was aided by three Wabash penalties and capped off by a Nathan Hollars 36yd touchdown run to lead 7-0 with 7:02 on the clock. On the Apaches second possession, the Knights forced a fumble on the second play with Ryan Barton recovering on the Wabash 24. The Wabash defense would keep the Knights out of the endzone, forcing a 34yd Zach Hobson field goal and the Knights led 10-0 with 5:00 remaining. On the next Apache possession Austin Schlemmer would pick off a Wabash pass on the 24 and the Knights were in business one more time. After a pass from Robbie Cole to Danny Goff put the ball on the five, Hollars would find the endzone again and the Knights led 17-0 after one.

The Apaches would have the ball first in the second quarter, mounting a drive to the Knight 18, attempting a field goal that went wide left. Southwood would take over on the 20, with Cole hitting Noah Kirk to the 50. Two plays later Reece McDonald would recover a Southwood fumble to stall the drive. After going nowhere on offense the Apaches would attempt a fake punt that failed and Southwood had the ball on the 49. Cole would hit Keaton Weiss to the 40 and two plays later Hollars raced to the 25. Cole would then connect with Jackson Blair to the 4 with Cole runinng it in on 4th down from 1yd out to go up 24-0 with 5:50 left. The Apaches would get their lone score on their next possession. After Luke Proctor gave them great field possession with the kick off return to the 42, Chase Dirig would complete two passes to Roger Davis to the 17. After a Reece McDonald got the ball to the 6, Dirig would find Davis in the endzone with 50.1 left to make it 24-7. With just seconds left the Knights would strike one more time. On a first and 10 on their own 42, Cole would fine Danny Goff behind the defenders for a 58yd strike and would lead 31-7 at the half.

Southwood would put up 20 points in the third quarter. On their second possession of the quarter and on the 13th player of the drive, Hollars would find the endzone again from 15yds out with 3:45 left to give the Knights a 37-7 lead. After a Ryan Barton fumble recovery Cole would connect with Jackson Blair with 54.1 left from 43yds out  and it was 44-7. Nick Rebholz would then pick off a Wabash pass on their second play giving the Knights one more shot with just seconds left. On the first play Hollars would scamper from 25yds out to pay dirt as the Knights led 51-7 with a quarter to go.

Wabash would mount a drive to start the fourth quarter, driving to the Southwood 6. The Apaches couldn’t find the endzone as neither defense would bend in the quarter and the game ended 51-7.

Robbie Cole was 9 for 20 for 226yds, 2 TD’s. Nathan Hollars rushed for 164yds on 22 carries. Jon Berlier added 18yds. Jackson Blair had 3 catches for 89yds, 1 TD. Danny Goff had 2 catches for 81yds, 1TD. Noah Kirk had 2 for 22yds, Keaton Weiss 2 for 14yds.

Nick Rebholz led the defense with 13 tackles.

Kodi Clemons would lead Wabash in rushing with 60yds. Chase Dirig had 62yds passing and Roger Davis 51 receiving.


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