Friday-Saturday In The National League

There were two games Friday in the National League and one on Saturday.

On Friday the Giants beat the Cubs 11-4 in game one. For the Giants Gabe Lloyd had two home runs, Vogel and Barley had triples and Lake a double. For the Cubs Allison had a home run with Holley hitting a double.

In game two the Yankees topped the Braves 2-1. For the Braves Tyler Shepherd had a triple. For the Braves Braden Ripplinger had a triple.

Saturday the A’s defeated the Red Sox 13-8. For the A’s Drew Cooper and Ty Roser had triples. Gage Watkins had a 2 rbi triple with Blakely Stevens hitting a 2 rbi double. For the Red Sox Nate Drancik and Peyton Deeter each had a home run. Deeter also had a double.

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