A Busy Day In The National League

It was a busy day in the National League Saturday at the Field of Dreams. With a couple make up games there were four match ups on tap.

In game one the Yankees and the Blackhawks finished a rain out game with the Yankees winning 6-3. For the Yankees Alex Farr had a home run. Tyler Shepherd had a single and a double, while Clayton Tomlinson had a double and Dillon Tomlinson a single. For the Blackhawks Mason Fisher and Brayden Brooks had hits.

In game two the Giants beat the Blackhawks 15-3. Gabe Lloyd had four home runs for the Giants. Logan Cox added a home run, Tristian Hayslett three triples. Derek Vogel was the starting pitcher. For the Blackhawks James Booth had a single and a home run.

In game three the Cubs topped the Braves 10-3. For the Cubs Caleb Gidley and Jasper Walter had singles. Trenton Daughtry had a single and a double. Jarred Holley had a single and a triple. Jarrett Craft had a single and a double. Bryant Boggs had a single. For the Braves Carson Rich had a double. Braden Ripplinger had a double and Noah Bowes had a single.

In game four the A’s beat the Braves. For the A’s Drew Cooper had a single, Gage Watkins had a triple, Joseph Webb had a single and a double, Andrew Dillon had a single and Ty Roser had a double. For the Braves Carson Heath, Justin Nelson and Joey Bland had singles. Hunter Vigar and Braden Ripplinger each had two singles.

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