National League Tourney Opens

Tournament play opened in the National League Saturday with three games being played in the double elimination tourney.

In game one the A’s and the Red Sox battled with the A’s holding on for a 4-3 win. For the A’s Gage Watkins had a 2 rbi double. Ty Roser and Nick Hensley each had singles. For the Red Sox Peyton Sodervick had a 2 rbi double, Nate Drancik an rbi double, Memphis Hiner a triple and Peyton Deeter a double.

In game two the Yankees cruised past the Braves 10-2. For the Yankees Koby Thomas had a 2 rbi double, Clayton Tomlinson a double, Grant Dale and rbi triple and Dillon Tomlinson a double. For the Braves Braden Ripplinger had a home run.

In game three the Cubs got past the Blackhawks 6-2. For the Cubs Trenton Daughtry had a home run and 2 singles. Jarrett Craft had a double and a single. For the Blackhawks James Booth had an rbi triple. Michael Fisher and Braden Yeakle each had singles.

Pictured below is the west division champion Cubs


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