Giants Remain Unbeaten In Little League Tourney

There were two more games in the National League tourney Wednesday at the Field of Dreams. In game one the Cubs eliminated the A’s 21-7, while the Giants remained unbeaten topping the Blackhawks 13-1.

In game one for the Cubs Joe Leland had a 2 rbi single with Jesse Allison adding a 2 rbi double and Trent Daughtry a 2 run home run.

For the A’s Tray Goodwin had a 2 rbi triple with Andrew Dillon adding two singles.

In game two for the Giants Derek Vogel led off the game with a home run and added a single and a double. Wyatt Davis had a 2 rbi double. Tristan Hayslett added an rbi single, a 2 rbi double and a triple.

Thursday’s action will be the Cubs vs Yankees at 6:00 with the winner taking on the Blackhawks at 8:00. The winner of the second game will meet the Giants Friday for the championship.

Pictured below is the East Division champion Giants



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