Tuesday National League Tourney Results

In game one of the national league tourney Tuesday the Cubs topped the Braves 8-0 to knock the Braves out of the tourney.

For the Cubs Bryan Boggs had an rbi single. Joe Leland had a double and Mason had an rbi double. For the Braves Braden Ripplinger had 4 strike outs on the mound.

In a rain shortened game two the Yankees topped the Red Sox 8-5.

For the Yankees Alex Farr had a double, Grant Dale and rbi double, Clayton Tomlinson an rbi single, Tyler Shepherd and rbi double and Koby Thomas an rbi double. For the Red Sox Nate Drancik had a double.

Sorry if there were any errors. The result sheet was hard to read.

Wednesday’s action will be the Cubs and A’s at 6:00 with the loser being eliminated. The Giants take on the Blackhawks at 8:00 in the winners bracket game.

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