Giants/Cubs To Meet For National League Title

Friday night is championship night in the National League at the Field of Dreams. The Giants are in the drivers seat sitting unbeaten while three teams battled it out Thursday to see who would join them in the title match up.

Game one Thursday pitted the Cubs taking on the Yankees with the Cubs pulling out a 6-0 win to advance, eliminating the Yankees.

For the Cubs Trenton Daughtry got the win on the mound, collecting 6 strike outs. Daughtry helped himself at the plate hitting a home run with Jasper Walter adding an rbi triple. For the Yankees Dillon and Clayton Tomlinson each had a single. Clayton Tomlinson had 7 strike outs on the mound.

With the win over the Yankees the Cubs took on the Blackhawks in game two, winning a close 3-1 ballgame.

For the Cubs Trenton Daughtry and Joe Leland each had 2 singles. For the Blackhawks Michael Fisher had an rbi double with James Booth and Dakota Pelphrey each adding a double.

The stage is now set for a Giants vs Cubs championship. The Giants need one win for the title with the Cubs needing to beat the Giants twice for the title.

Game one is at 6:00 and if necessary game two at 8:00 will be there to cover all the action !!




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