Norse Boys & Girls Cross Country Capture TRC Crowns

The TRC cross country meet was held Saturday at Tippecanoe Valley. On a cold blistery day that even seen some snow flakes the Northfield boys and girls teams took home team titles.

The girls race was the first to go with Northfield’s Jenna Halderman leading the way to win the race in 19:16. Brittany Sloan placed 4th in the race, Karla Singer 5th, Jacklyn Peas 8th , Natasha Leland 11th, Olivia Thompson 13th, Attie Schuler 21st. Also running for Northfield was Michelle Hunt , Caitlin Eltzroth, Catherine Tracy, Maddie Snyder, Kalanu Watson Dunn, Indi Shear, Mariah Kirtlan, Megan Miller.

Southwood finished third led by a 3rd place finish from Emily Lehner. Ellie White was 10th, Haley Heath 12th, Taylor Heath 20th, Kassidy Atwood 24th, Brooke Elliott 28th, Emma Peebles  40th. Also running was Emmy Titus and Spring Applegate.

Manchester finished 5th. Clara Burdette was 17th, Kaitlyn Blum 22nd, Emily Lynn  23rd, Natasha Niccum 25th, Alexis Vernon 30th, Sophia Reifeltshammer 32nd, Alexis Wagoner 36th. Also running was Molly Woods, Abby Smith , Taylor Griese, Lindsey Dierks, Lexi Webb .

Wabash had an incomplete team led by Carli Henderson. Also running was Chelsea Archer, Courtney Davis, Angela Davis.

Making the All Conference team was Jenna Halderman(NF), Emily Lehner(SW), Brittany Sloan(NF), Karla Singer(NF), Jacklyn Peas(NF), Ellie White(SW), Natasha Leland(NF), Haley Heath(SW).

Northfield won the boys race, nipping Rochester by 2 points. Leading the Norse was Devin Tracy in 2nd, Austin Frye 6th, Joe Burcroff 7th, Austin Andrews 8th, Noah Shear 13th, Heath Miller 20th, Mason Zolman  24th. Also running for the Norse was Matt Carey , Noah Augustus , Keegan Knepp, Zack Clouse.

Wabash finished third in the race led by a 5th place finish from Sam Hall. Dominick Hubbard was 15th, Kyle Kelsheimer 19th, Kaleb Kelsheimer 27th, Brodie Hough 29th, Aries Reza 31st, John Stewart 33rd. Also running was Jacob Bruss, Anusorne Chanthachak, James Dolmanet and Jose Delgado.

Southwood took fifth led by a Aaron Ross 17th place finish. Josiah Friedersdorf  was 25th, Michael Lengel  28th, Chase Guenin 30th, Jonathan Collins 32nd, Justin Lawson 37th, Lucas Topliff 51st.

Manchester was seventh led by a 4th place finish from Thomas Rohr. Taylor Heckman was 36th, Ben Reichenbach 41st, Montgomery Pattison 43rd, Jimmy Curtis 47th, Jeremy Herrmann 52nd.

Making All Conference was Devin Tracy(NF), Thomas Rohr(MAN), Sam Hall(WAB) , Austin Frye(NF) , Joe Burcroff(NF), Austin Andrews(NF)

The RRC races followed the TRC with the girls race going first. Manchester finished just 7 points out of first for a second place finish led by Torina Runkel  5th, Anna Markham  6th, Jaelyn Webb 8th, Madisyn Schmidt 11th, Kennedy Fierstos 12th, Addi Baker 13th, Madison Evans 14th. Also running was Alison Sites, Madison Cook, Sarah Rohr, Sydney Diefenbaugh, Sarai Justice , Zoey Ream , Emma Burlingame , Eva Bazzoni , Katie Barker, Hannah Ayres, Frances Schannep.

Northfield finished third led by Abbey Ross 16th, Jenna Krom 17th, Maddie Clark 19th, Liz Moore 20th, Bailey Burcroff 21st, Allysa Haupert 29th, Fayth Leming  37th. Also running was Emma Hoover, Danielle Bumbaugh , Karlie Poland , Nikita Dunn.

Wabash finished fourth led by Whitney Working 4th, Rebecca Bruss 22nd, Claire Hipskind 23rd, Linda Cordes 25th, Maya Benysh 26th, Angel Wehrly 28th, Sabine Thomas 41st.

Southwood was fifth led by a runner up finish from Morgan Farr. Jeana Friedersdorf was 30th, Monica Hobson 31st, Annie Ridgeway 32nd, Makayla Bechtold 35th, Monica Coffelt 36th, Lexi Finney.

The boys race would be next with Wabash bringing home the title led by individual winner Derek Vogel. Koby Prater was 3rd, Zack Reed 9th, Kyle Parson 10th, Tyler Shepherd 11th, James Wolfe 12th, Michael Cordes 18th. Also running was Tyler Black, Tre Lopez, Caleb Callahan, Brendon Richey, Anthony Long , Ben Hewitt, Brady Black , Tyler Richardson , Brent Owen.

Manchester would place third led by Hunter Miller 5th, Wilson Nettleton 6th, Ethan Davis 15th, Carter Bedke 23rd, Devin Corn 28th, Reece Ademiec 40th.

Southwood would finish fourth. Luke Winer 7th, Alex Farr 14th, Braden Sweet 19th, Devin Dunn 24th, Alix Winer 29th, Landon Topliff 30th, Jayden Timmons  35th.

Northfield took fifth. Peyton Frye 8th, Andrew Burns 13th, Grant Dale 16th, Jett Snyder 33rd, Evan Eckelbarger 34th, Treyvor Lehman 36th, Blake Wynn 38th.

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