8th Annual Elementary Cross Country Race

The Southwood, Metro North and Sharp Creek elementary schools got together Thursday for the 8th Annual Elementary CC Meet. The meet was originally started by Troy Friedersdorf as a meet between Southwood and Lafontaine, but with Lafontaine closed this year Tonya Boone ask Northfield coach Chad Andrews if he wanted to get his elementary’s involved. The meet ended up with 144 1st – 6th graders!  It was a sight to see.

Girls 1st – 3rd Grade 1/2 Mile Run Girls 4th – 6th Grade 1 Mile Run
1st Eden Hoover 3:20 3rd 1st Aleia Sweet 7:04 4th
2nd Anna Kissel 3:28 3rd 2nd Emily Pennington 7:09 5th
3rd Samantha England 3:36 3rd 3rd Alaina Winer 7:20 4th
4th Carrie Collins 3:41 3rd 4th Maggie Ball 7:20 6th
5th Dazy Hyden 3:41 3rd 5th Courtney Dutton 7:32 5th
6th Camryn Kuhn 3:34 2nd 6th Autumn Custer 7:35 5th
7th Lydia Topliff 3:34 2nd 7th Kylei Seibold 8:03 5th
8th Macie Overlander 3:45 2nd 8th Lexie Alwine 8:03 5th
9th Jacie Krom 3:48 3rd 9th Bailey Wyatt 8:04 5th
10th Courtney Finney 3:49 2nd 10th Mya Lloyd 8:10 4th
11th Gabriel Haupert 3:50 3rd 11th Avery Shrider 8:17 4th
12th Averi Hacker 3:51 2nd 12th Mya Denney 8:23 5th
13th Mara Zolman 3:53 3rd 13th Erin McGouldrick 8:38 6th
14th Hannah Garrison 3:54 2nd 14th Bella Worthington 8:53 4th
15th Meryn Norman 3:56 2nd 15th Kylie Leland 8:57 4th
16th Grace Drake 3:57 2nd 16th Haiden Lehman 9:01 4th
17th Gracie Dale 3:58 3rd 17th Ella Satterthwart 10:06 5th
18th Ava Copeland 3:59 3rd 18th Claire Thompson 10:20 4th
19th Allie Hacker 4:01 3rd 19th Natalee Keller 10:37 4th
20th McKenzie Moorman 4:04 2nd 20th Brooklyn Stout 10:49 4th
21st Kirsten 4:05 2nd 21st Maddison Hunter 11:21 5th
22nd Jaycee Jones 4:09 1st 22nd Ezra Dale 13:20 6th
23rd Avery Sisco 4:10 1st
24th Trinity Bever 4:11 3rd
25th Avery Gordon 4:20 2nd
26th Addison Kinsey 4:21 2nd
27th Hailey Collins 4:24 1st
28th Jaima Vigar 4:27 2nd
29th Audry Winer 4:30 2nd
30th Davy Falder 4:32 2nd
31st Alexis Gates 3rd
32nd Jaiden Turley 3rd
33rd Rowan Goodpasture 2nd
34th Lilly McCallister 1st
35th Mylah Dillon 1st
36th Grace Utter 1st
37th Kammie Parker 2nd
38th Alexis Soden 1st
39th Payton Click 2nd
40th Alexis Mitchell 2nd
41st Zarla Dunn 2nd
42nd Callie Hoffman 1st
43rd Madeline Moore 3rd
44th Lily Barton 1st
45th Shatay Niccum 2nd
46th Madison Archer 2nd
47th Addison Sisco 1st
Boys 1st – 3rd Grade 1/2 Mile Run Boys 4th – 6th Grade 1 Mile Run
1st Will Winer 3:02 3rd 1st Mason Fisher 6:18 4th
2nd Jon Treska 3:10 3rd 2nd Cole Winer 6:29 4th
3rd Jaden Baer 3:15 3rd 3rd Eli Kroh 6:42 4th
4th Ryan McGouldrick 3:18 3rd 4th Braxton Worthington 6:52 4th
5th Marcus Meyer 3:18 2nd 5th Hunter Jones 6:55 5th
6th Layne Denton 3:20 3rd 6th Nathan Lehner 6:58 4th
7th Easton Shaw 3:22 2nd 7th Dylan Ross 7:06 4th
8th Tyson Baer 3:22 2nd 8th Ethan Dyson 7:11 4th
9th Brandon McKillip 3:25 3rd 9th Ashton Steele 7:42 5th
10th Blayne Hamilton 3:30 3rd 10th Zeb Herring 7:43 4th
11th Owen Enyeart 3:31 1st 11th Jaden Truman 7:52 5th
12th Randy Boone 3:32 3rd 12th Jayden Janner 8:26 4th
13th Luke Haupert 3:33 2nd 13th Tristan Barlow 8:39 4th
14th Luke Andrews 3:33 2nd 14th Justin Devall 8:42 6th
15th Jaret Denney 3:34 3rd 15th Bryce Wyatt 8:52 5th
16th Ryland Miller 3:37 2nd 16th Jordan Kinsey 8:58 4th
17th Elijah Boone 3:37 2nd 17th Kolten Janner 10:17 4th
18th Colton Lindsay 3:39 1st 18th Patrick Devall 13:23 5th
19th Luke Pershing 3:39 3rd
20th Cooper Drake 3:43 1st
21st Trey Reahard 3:06 3rd
22nd Ashton Good 3:50 3rd
23rd Kyler Dale 3:52 2nd
24th Kody Stambaugh 3:53 3rd
25th Lucas Haupert 3:53 2nd
26th Luke Herring 3:54 2nd
27th Reid Haupert 3:55 3rd
28th Kasen Oswalt 3:56 2nd
29th Ethan Bruce 3:58 2nd
30th Kreigh Salmon 3:59 1st
31st Anthony Soden 4:00 3rd
32nd Griffin Chambers 4:06 1st
33rd Tyler Haupert 4:07 1st
34th Hank Dyson 4:12 3rd
35th Bryce Bever 4:14 1st
36th Logan Moore 4:16 1st
37th Luke Eviston 4:20 1st
38th Kasey Lamsom 4:21 2nd
39th Jed Peterson 4:22 2nd
40th Braxton Overlander 4:23 3rd
41st Quinton Vigar 4:28 3rd
42nd Landon Jones 4:28 2nd
43rd Prestyn Jones 4:30 1st
44th Connor Herring 4:31 3rd
45th Jacob Falder 4:36 1st
46th Brayden Rice 4:38 1st
47th Keaton Freiden 4:46 1st
48th Brody Height 4:47 1st
49th Elijah Stephens 5:02 1st
50th Lucis Bever 5:11 2nd
51st Matthew Wallen 5:14 2nd
52nd Eli Peters 5:18 2nd
53rd Neil Long 5:26 1st
54th Gavin Dale 5:30 1st
55th Chevy Townsend 5:39 2nd
56th Sebastion Liebo 5:50 1st
57th Elijah Dale 6:32 3rd

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