Manchester Fall Sports Awards

Manchester High School

2014-2015 Fall Sports Awards

November 12th  @ 7:00pm


Rotary Mental Attitude – Evan Milam

Squire Award – Thad Miller



Girls’ Soccer

Rotary Mental Attitude – Rachel Brandenburg

Squire Award – Morgan McKee

Work Ethic – Tahnee Fuentes

The Wall – Olivia Dockter

Hustle – Bailey Sewell



Boys’ Soccer

Rotary Mental Attitude – Christian Palmert

Squire Award – Rainer Borgmann

Golden Boot – Colin McNeeley

MVP – David Fahs-Brown

Defensive MVP – Zach Hill

JV Most Improved – David Eichenlaub

JV Golden Boot – Noah Beck



Boys’ Tennis

Rotary Mental Attitude – Brayton Spann

Squire Award – Connor Eichenauer

Heart & Spirit Award – Max Karg

Most Wins (17) – Noah Cain

Most Wins (17) – Branden Scott




Rotary Mental Attitude – Leah Sorg

Squire Award – Corrie Osborne

Heart & Hustle Award – Marret Metzger

Blood, Sweat, & Tears Award – Rae Bedke

Most Improved  –  Kaitlyn Parrett

JV Mental Attitude – Karly Eichenauer

JV Most Improved – Sydney Day


Girls’ Golf

Rotary Mental Attitude – Claire Barnett

Squire Award – Claire Barnett

Most Outstanding Player – Claire Barnett

Most Improved (23 Strokes) – Rachel Cave

Most Accurate Squire (56.39%) – Lydia Little



Rotary Mental Attitude – Makayla Harrell

Squire Award – Rachel Chapman

Most Improved – Megan Baxter

Most Dedicated – Kayla Moore

All-Star Stunt – Tabitha Porter

JV Most Improved – Mya Carter

JV Mental Attitude – Bryenna Richey


Girls Cross Country

Rotary Mental Attitude – Natasha Niccum

Squire Award – Sophia Reifeltshammer

MVP – Clara Burdette

Most Improved – Taylor Griese

Most Promising Runner – Kaitlyn Blum


Boys Cross Country

Rotary Mental Attitude – Thomas Rohr

Squire Award – Ben Reichenbach

MVP – Thomas Rohr

Most Improved – Montgomery Pattison

Most Promising Runner – Taylor Heckman

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