Norse Boys Top Caston

The Northfield boys basketball team went on the road to Caston Saturday, defeating the Comets 45-40.

Key Statistics:

Noah Shear- 6 points, 3 rebouds

Cody Holmes- 3 points, 2 assists, 5 rebounds

Tanner Wilcox- 7 points, 3 rebounds

Adam Roser- 10 points, 3 rebounds

Heath Miller- 8 points, 4 rebounds

Jarred Short- 3 assists, 4 rebounds

Austin Burns- 2 points, 3 rebounds

Jake Schuler- 2 points

Austin Trump- 5 points

Jacob Watkins- 2 points

Coach Hopkins ”Great team win. We had some guys step up and play solid basketball. I see improvements every single day and our DOBO is the best in the world!!!”

The Norse JV boys defeated Caston 38-14 Saturday night to improve to 3-1 on the season.

Key Statistics:

Austin Trump- 11 pts

Matt Coe- 6 pts, 9 rebounds

Ryan Driscoll- 4 pts, 4 assists

Jacob Watkins- 9 rebounds

Kyle Reed- 15 pts, 4 rebounds, 4 steals

John Schuler- 6 rebounds

Joe Halderman- 3 rebounds

Caleb Kroh- 2 steals, 10 deflections

Jared Vigar- 2 rebounds

Kameron Cole- 2 points



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