Slow Start Cost Norse Against Bluffton

The Northfield boys basketball team got off to an extremely slow start against Bluffton Saturday, falling behind 21-7 after the first quarter in a 66-59 loss to the Tigers.

Bluffton out scored Northfield 12-10 in the second quarter to lead 33-17 before the Norse would start to chip away. Northfield won the third quarter 22-21 then made a run in the fourth, out scoring the Tigers 20-12 but the first quarter deficit was to much to overcome in the loss.


We played with a lot of effort and heart after being down by more than 20 at one point in the third quarter. We have to play to our strengths earlier in the game and play with the effort we do when we are fighting to get back into the game. Proud of the boys efforts just have to continue to grow.


Key Statistics:

Noah Shear- 15 points, 2 steals

Cody Holmes- 3 points, 2 rebounds

Tanner Wilcox- DNP (Sick)

Adam Roser- 6 points, 6 steals

Heath Miller- 8 points, 3 steals

Jarred Short- 7 points

Austin Burns- 6 points, 5 rebounds

Jake Schuler- 4 points, 2 steals

Austin Trump- 10 points, 3 rebounds

The junior varsity fell to Bluffton 43-39.

Key Statistics:

Austin Trump- 7 points

Matt Coe- 5 points, 2 rebounds

Ryan Driscoll- 6 points, 2 steals, 2 assists

Jacob Watkins- 2 points, 3 rebounds

Kyle Reed- 14 points, 11 rebounds

John Schuler- 3 points, 4 assists, 2 rebounds

Joe Halderman- 2 points


The guys played hard but we made some mental mistakes late and lacked some fundamental discipline to come away with a victory. I love the aggression we are developing on the offensive end, but we have to pay more attention to detail on the defensive end of the floor and still take care of the ball.

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