Squires Top Apaches In County Battle

The Manchester Squires scored the first 11 points of the game and exploded for 22 first quarter points on their way to a 61-44 win over Wabash Friday.

Freshman Koehl Fluke lit the spark for the Squires, scoring the first 4 points of the game as Keelan Norwood and Chainey Zolman chimed in to open an 11-0 lead before Taylor Vigar stopped the run. Leading 13-4 Manchester would two more points each from Fluke and Zolman to stretch the lead to 18-4 when Tyler Hough hit a free throw, followed by a Taylor Vigar bucket, but again it would be Fluke scoring followed by a Norwood bucket to end the quarter as Manchester led 22-7.

During the time out between quarters the Apaches would refocus and scored the first 6 points of the quarter with all 6 coming from Taylor Vigar to make it 22-13. At 24-16 Zolman and David McAtee would connect to make it 28-16 when Chase Dirig nailed a three when Fluke hit again as Manchester led at the half 31-19.

Again the Apaches would start the quarter by getting the lead in to single digits when Vigar and Marcus Jones hit to make it 31-23. Jones would hit a second time to make it 32-25 when Zolman hit a free throw and a bucket to get the lead back to 10 at 35-25. After a Taylor Vigar bucket made it 37-29 the Squires would score 4 straight with McAtee and Zolman hitting free throws to make it 41-29. Manchester led 42-32 with a quarter to go.

Chainey Zolman would get the first bucket of the fourth quarter with the Apaches answering with buckets from Chase Dirig and Taylor Vigar to once more get the lead to single digits at 44-36. At 47-38 the Squires would put the nail in the coffin when David McAtee hit, followed by Keelan Norwood and two free throws from Koehl Fluke to open a 54-38 lead. Wabash cut the lead to 56-44 on an Owen Yeadon three, but the Squires would finish the game scoring 5 points for the 61-44 win.

Leading Manchester was Chainey Zolman with 22 points. Koehl Fluke added 19, David McAtee 10, Keelan Norwood 6, Braydon Sewell 2, Cameron Brandenburg 2.

For Wabash Taylor Vigar had 15, Marcus Jones 10, Chase Dirig 9, Tyler Hough 6, Owen Yeadon 4.

Manchester won the junior varsity contest 42-35.

Leading the Squires was Bailey Ness with 14 points. Levi Hicks added 9, Adam Byers 7, Kane Gable 6, Heath Dierks 6.

Leading Wabash was Luke Mattern with 17 points. Justin Beauchamp added 5, Austin Vinopal 5, Eryk Weber 3, Cal Stone 2, Matt Jones 2, Kaleb Kelsheimer 1.

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