Peru Ends Manchester Win Streak

The Manchester boys 10 game win streak came to an end Saturday as the Peru Tigers defeated the Squires 55-40 at Manchester.

With 7 footer Seth Adelsperger altering shots in the paint and the Peru quickness making plays the Squires stayed even with the Tigers in the first half before before Peru wore them down.

Manchester got on the board first when Chase Fierstos drained a three but Peru quickly answered with a bucket from Seth Adelsperger and two free throws from Michael Richardson. Chainey Zolman would then hit the second Squire three for a 6-4 lead, but again Adelsperger tied the score. With Manchester up 10-9 Fierstos and Zolman would hit back to back to give Manchester a 14-9 lead when Tyler Murphy drained a three and was followed by a Adelsperger bucket to make it 14-14 after one.

Freshman Koehl Fluke would hit a three for the Squires to start the second quarter, but three straight Tiger buckets from Richardson, Logan Primerano and Adelsperger gave Peru a 20-17 lead. Chainey Zolman would stop the Peru 6 point run with a free throw and end the quarter with two free throws as Peru led 22-20 at the half.

The Tigers would get the early momentun in the third when Murphy nailed a three and was followed with a bucket from Adelsperger to open a 27-20 lead. The Tigers would maintain their 7 point lead until Adelsperger hit a free throw and Nolan Brimbury a deuce to increase the lead to 10 at 34-24. Peru would hold on to their 10 point lead before a Chase Fierstos bucket made it 39-31 after three.

The Squires could not cut into the Peru lead for most of the fourth as the Tigers matched the Squires point for point. With Peru up 48-36 Fluke and Zolman hit to make it 48-40 which was as close as Manchester would get as Peru went on a 7-0 run to open a 55-40 lead before Chase Fierstos scored the final points of the game in a 55-42 Peru win.

Leading Manchester was Chase Fierstos with 17 points. Chainey Zolman added 16, Koehl Fluke 8, David McAtee 1.

Seth Adelsperger led Peru with 18 points. Logan Primerano added 16, Tyler Murphy 11, Michael Richardson 4, Nolan Brimbury 2, Kordell Prescott 2, Jonah Lester 2.

Manchester won the junior varsity game 42-35.

Leading the Squires was Jake Schannep with 17 points. Kane Gable added 8, Bailey Ness 6, Braxtin Wilson 5, Adam Byers 2, Levi Hicks 2, Heath Dierks 2.

Leading Peru was Jeremiah Johnson with 16 points. Gavin Gysin added 10, Christian Howell 4, Todd Dickerhoff 2, Bailey Gardner 2.

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